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Everything you need to keep the lights on


From wiring and connectors to alternative energy solutions, Hardman’s has everything you need to tackle any electrical snafu or project. Cut costs and improve energy efficiency with solar power. Enhance any living room by changing out wall plates, light switch covers or outlet covers. Safeguard a home with surge protectors, fire safety, smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide detector or home security systems. Maximize current with high-quality extension cords or update old electrical cables. Give any space an upgrade with dimmers and switches, electrical outlets and adapters, electrical wire and cable, doorbells cord organization and covers, fuses, wire connectors and more.

Whether you’re working to install a dimmer, wireless light switch or enhance home lighting, we have helpful how-to videos and how-to articles to guide you. Upgrade a home entertainment system with audio and video equipment, like speakers and TV mounts. For extra protection, back up a living space with a portable generator, a home standby generator, or choose from other types of generators and backup batteries to keep things running when the power goes out. Also, check out our assortment of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your family safe.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Our Services

We are able to provide products and solutions for any building project,

Hardmans provides it’s customers with numerous delivery and pickup options. From rooftop delivery to ground drop we have the knowledge and ability to deliver materials safely to your jobsite. Our delivery staff will assure you have your materials when and where you need them.

Household Lighting

Master your decor with exciting new lighting and ceiling fans. More than any other update, your lighting choices do so very much to determine the type of mood a room has and how objects appear within it. With our huge selection of lighting products from all of the best brands at amazing everyday low prices, you’ll find it easy to enhance the look and feel of any space in your home.


Motion sensing light bulbs can provide safe passage through dark halls or stairways at night. Night lights provide comfort in a child’s bedroom or bathrooms at night when you don’t want to flip on overheads. Help secure your home or office with some outdoor LED flood lights. Cars do well with LED headlights. For bright, long-lasting night driving capability. Headlamps are crucial at night for camping or working in dark spaces. If you grow plants indoors or try your hand at hydroponics, UV lights will make the difference. They’re also good for keeping your skin healthy, especially through the winter seasons.

Outlets & Receptacles

Most of us have multiple electronics devices at home and the office. The right electrical outlets can help you stay at a full charge the easy way. USB outlets can power your devices with ease and without the extra adapters. Keep your small appliances and lights on schedule with a simple outlet timer. An outdoor timer can keep your dark walkways and driveways lit when you need it. Keep fresh air circulating with a wide selection of fan controls, you’ll save on heat and air while maintaining the right comfort level. Extend the reach of your electrical outlets with plug adapters.

Conduit & Wire

Hardmans is the place to shop when your home improvement project requires electrical conduit, electrical boxes, conduit fittings, electrical covers, cable raceways and all things related to electrical.

You will find what you need at Hardmans including steel electrical boxes, outside electric boxes, electronic enclosures, PVC conduit, junction boxes, and electrical metal enclosures.

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